sharing leadership, fundraising for consultant help (August 2020)

We are taking turns as facilitator/clerk of the gatherings (a great relief to me as I am a reluctant “leader”). We are not strictly adhering to the format document (not copy-pasting links or agendas into the chat). It’s a more organic, with a flowing feel in both groups. One of the groups has added a “really really quick statement check in” about what our action focus is after silent worship and before smaller groups, so we can all get ideas from each other. These ideas are shared more deeply in the smaller group sharing.

The size of the group seems best at 5-7, though I suspect having one or two more people would work just as well. This allows it to be intimate and for everyone to have a chance to share. Smaller would mean if someone doesn’t show up, it would be hard to have smaller breakout groups.

I will be applying for grant funding so I can hire professional consultants (specializing in organizing, antiracism, structural change, white people’s antiracism work) who are Black or Indigenous, or other people of color. Once I secure those funds, I’ll get their feedback, advice, guidance. I’ll check in with the two existing groups to see what changes they want to implement based on the consultants’ guidance. And/or, I’ll work with another group to start up doing it differently (if the consultants see a need for significant changes). After that, I’ll begin offering to help other white people start up their own check-in groups.

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