finding a consultant who is Black or Indigenous (June 2021)

I’ve begun the process of raising money so I can hire consultants of color to evaluate these groups in terms of our format. I want to be sure we are working towards collective liberation, not continuing on in whiteness’ denial. As a white person, I have blinders I don’t know how to remove completely. So, I want to hire a couple Black, Indigenous, or Latinx consultants to take a look at our format and give us some guidance.

I’m about to have a conversation with a consultant as I’m seeking guidance about how to seek out those consultants! I’m trying to walk the path where I both don’t assume I know best (that’s obvious to me) and I also don’t ask a consultant to do my work for me has been confusing. Do I say “I want you to do xyz!” or do I say “tell me what I should do!” — neither are right. Somewhere in the middle…

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